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Atea Global Services is part of the Atea Group - the leading Nordic IT infrastructure company and the 2nd largest in Europe. We are especially famous for our high-end, high capacity client management and application packaging factory which is the largest of its kind in Europe, serving customers worldwide, and for our tools for Microsoft System Center management which are used by 1000's of companies from small to large enterprises.
350+ employees
1,200+ customers worldwide
500,000+ PCs managed worldwide
ISO 20000, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified
Atea Azure Expert Center

We move applications to cloud and beyond.


With our 25+ Azure experts we deliver Azure consultancy and Azure Managed Services.

Azure Expert Center
PassOn - Easy onboarding
The World’s most innovative cloud based password reset solution

Imagine you are on a business trip and having problems reaching your service desk to reset your company account password. Meanwhile, your customers are waiting for your fabulous presentation! Such moments can easily damage your company’s reputation…

Atea PassOn
The World’s smartest self-service portal

Software delivery is a complex task, often involving multiple helpdesk calls and numerous manual interventions before the service is successfully delivered to the end user’s desktop. Delivery often takes several days, resulting in frustrated, unproductive workers. Many IT tasks, including software delivery, can be automated within today’s IT infrastructures. Service Market is proof of this.

Service Market

The Atea Service Desk is based on a 24/7/365 model all year round. The Service Desk is tightly integrated and working with the same processes as Atea Nordic Service Desks, operations teams and outsourcing units giving us the possibility to provide a seamless and consistent service to our customers.
The Service Desk is focused on customer satisfaction. Every case is important, and we strive consistently to provide a support experience that results in highly satisfied end users.

Service Desk
The World's most innovative application packaging services

Application packaging is one of the most important software management tasks IT departments oversee in order to maintain a stable and productive end user environment. Desktop applications must work as expected, be configured and updated to the required level and be available from different platforms in a consistent, dependable manner.

Application Packaging
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